Genius Hour: Final Post

What I have learned throughout the semester and Genius Hour Project is that there are many kinds of learning methods and resources we might never know about.I am so glad that I got to try these technology resource. These resources definitely help students to improve their critical thinking and creativity. Besides, based on my genius hour project. I’ve been changing idea from the beginning to the end. At first, I thought about teachers as really professional role But then later, I realize it’s so important for them to have support at the back. Education technology is still in the progress to be introduced. Teachers are just same as students to learn about technology from the beginning. At the end, I realize the support and idea sharing between educators are the keys to make teaching successful. Having a networking platform can greatly increase the efficiency on exploring new things!

I really like the way how this class is trying to challenge our critical thinking. I personally consider critical thinking and independent thinking are the most important factors to develop one’s character. This class let students have freedom to choose what they want to do for each project. Unlike traditional classroom setting, what we have done might not be related to math or literature, but it definitely help us to think. Think out of wall. We have done a lot of projects within these three weeks but they were never boring to me. It’s one of the most interesting class i have taken!

For questions I would ¬†recommend future students ask to continue my research is back to the student’s side. How does students really feel about education technology? Students are smart enough to finish tasks without feeling they have learned anything. So getting their idea is really use to further apply a broader education technology in teaching. I think to know if they feel like technology is just for fun or they actually learn something from it. Also, how they feel about technology should apply in a classroom basis. Sometimes students are teachers’ boss. Their opinion can determine if the application really works.



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