5th Genius Hour post

This week, I found an awesome website freetech4teachers as resources for teachers to use. The website provides many creative way for applying education technology. It also includes other links related to technology in school.It is a super useful and practical website. There’s one post I am really impressed. Richard Byrne, the author of the website, wrote a handout about “15 Tools for Teaching History with Technology” He comprehends the key points of technology teaching into short PDFs that contain a few options for a three or four common activities in a subject area. He talked about tools to create videos, tools to create digital maps, and tools to help students conduct better web research. I found it really useful to teachers because the content here is really concise and practical. If teachers are confused about some ideas about teaching with technology, they can probably find some related answers here.

This page Technology PD for teachers is where I found freetech4teacehrs. Even though the page is not too long, it contains so many professional resources for teachers to get resources. It mentions couple education organization and conferences that provide teachers a networking and idea-sharing platform. It also mentions educators to follow on Twitter and other useful websites. In fact, the biggest impression I got from this page was the paragraph at the really beginning. It talked about teachers can take online courses to learn about education technology but then they will miss the opportunity to learn from their fellow educators who are leaders in the field. I didn’t really think about the importance of learning from the fellow educators. And now I realize learning from the successful example can greatly improve the quality of teaching and teachers are also more willing to try.

I also found it useful about professional teaching on Transforming Schools Through Strengths-Based PD. It introduced some ways to practice transformative change: offer disruptive professional development learning opportunities to staff, create a sense of belonging such as creating a collegial coaching program where teachers visit and provide peer feedback and making meaning such as having teachers create their own personal learning plans focused on their own success and challenges. I agreed the concept here that only if the teachers experience deeper learning for themselves, they can deliver a better and deeper learning style to students.



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