4th Genius Hour post

So I talked to my dad about my topic. My dad graduated from Georgia state University with a master degree in computer science. Now he works at UGA as a technician support. So basically he’s a “tech” person. He’s really impressed that education technology actually becomes more popular and useful. Even though he majored in computer science, he felt like he never really meaningfully applied technology into people’s lives. He really liked the idea that technology can make a difference on students’learning.

I asked him how it thought about teacher’s role in teaching. He told me once he was a teacher at Georgia Perimeter College. He told me all his students were from GA Tech or Emory who failed their classes so they came to GPC for easy credits. He understood the main purpose of the students so he promised the students they would all get A if they cooperated with him. I think it’s funny but again, I guess teaching in college is so different from K12 school. But he agreed that teachers need to understand what the students really need and help them succeed.

Besides, I asked him about his opinion on how can the school system ensure the professional use of education technology are successfully applied. I told him my opinion is that teacher’s incentive and school’s support are really important in applying education technology. He agreed with me and he said he believed the whole school system will be based on teaching with technology in the upcoming future, not soon. The next generations will be no longer with traditional learning. The education system will be moving into a new era. He doubted if that’s good for students but that’s just how the future will go. I thought about this question too. But honestly, I can’t really imagine the future education system, probably because i am too familiar with the school system I am in right now.



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