Genius Hour Post 3

As I expected, I didn’t find much useful information on the professional role of teacher itself. At first, I was more focused on how the teachers feel about education technology because I found out a lot of teachers refused to use technology. I wanted to know how can we ensure the teachers professionally deliver information through technology. But then I realize, before we can do that, the more important thing is to encourage teachers to use technology first. I missed the concept that teachers are not made to be professionally well at something. They also need encouragement and support.

Encouraging Teacher Technology Use provides some tips for encourage teachers to use technology. The biggest idea is that teachers need to get a lot of supports from the top. The leaders need to provide enough resources for the teachers to develop their technology teaching style. At the same time, the leaders need push the teachers to use technology. Standards should be set up in every meeting. Besides, teachers are mainly busy so everything should start at simple so that teachers are more willing to accept this new style of teaching.

Besides, teachers need to understand why  Why Integrate Technology into the Curriculum? Besides the benefit that the students get from technology that we are familiar about, teachers are also gaining benefit from it.Technology offers educators effective ways to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple means.It stengthens the relationship between teacher and stduent because students are more likely to accept this meaningful and fun learning than the traditional learning under pressure. Only if the teachers understand the benefits of technology using, they will use technology in the teaching.

There’s a news about the Subject Teacher Forum (STF) in India comprises Google groups for mathematics, science, social science, English, Hindi and Kannada high school teachers.Google Groups in India was formed to connect the trainers and the teachers to continue the learning process and clarify doubts by sharing ideas. 22000 teachers are now using free and open-source software to comprehend topics and break them down to students. I am so impressed by how the teachers in India are supported by each other with a formal system. This is really important in teaching because teachers can openly teaching the students without restriction.



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