Genius Hour post 2

So far I don’t think any classmate has similar topic as mine. They are more focused on students themselves instead of teachers. I guess something in common with other classmates is that we are all trying to find ways to can help students to learn better. There are student focusing on how educational technology like 3D printing affects students in learning. There are student focusing on what are they ways to help students that are in trouble of learning. For me, I am trying to focus on how the role of teachers can help students in educational technology learning. I believe students can learn better only if teachers are well professionally trained.

When I searched the information about my post on Twitter, I am very impressed that there are so many teachers out there that are so passionate about educational technology teaching or just teaching in general. Kristal Ayres is one of the educator that education focus a lot on building a deeper relationship with students. Without understanding student’s needs, all the technology added up is useless. The posts she had weren’t not many about how technology has helped students. She cared about students from different situations, from having disability to coming a from high-poverty school. I love the spirit she’s bringing to the education.

Besides, I found a lot of useful information from Edutopia.(website)  I have been following it since beginning but later I found out a lot of educators’ post came from there. It has topics like professional development, family engagement, student voices and school relationship, etc. It provides different perspectives of education. Besides teaching in technology, it also emphasizes on different deliveries of learning which is very useful for teachers to get some inspiration.

TeachingSTEM  is another really good resources for teachers to get some inspiration in technology teaching. It provides teachers a great networking platform to share some ideas. For teachers that are not related to these subjects, It’s also a good example to see what ideas can be used on similar projects. Mike Daugherty  is also a good technology educator tend to interpret technology in teaching.


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