Genius Hour topic

The topic i would like to explore is that what are the ways to ensure the quality and professionalism of teachers to deliver education technology in K-12 classrooms. Since educational technology is still a new advancement in the k-12 school system. Parents, students, and even teachers are still learning to adapt to this new era. When I was searching the challenges facing in education technology, the top three challenges were budget limits, inadequate professional training and teachers resistant to change. As we can see, the role of teachers in applying education technology makes a huge impact. Without the engagement of teachers, the technology learning cannot be professionally developed.

I would want to explore this topic because I am a super not sensitive person in technology. Sometimes I need so much help from classmates and teachers in order to understand the concept. If the teachers are not professional about what they are doing, this would definitely be a nightmare to students. So I want to research how to ensure the quality and professionalism of the teachers to deliver education technology.

In traditional school system, students receive knowledge mainly by books and teacher verbally delivering the information. Teachers sometimes use technology to ease the process of delivering information but the teachers themselves are still the main sources of knowledge. Teachers might have a feeling that they would lose control on the accuracy of delivering knowledge to the students if they use education technology more often. In another case, some older teachers are so used to the way they usually teach students so why would they change it to a new way? As a result, teachers resist to change.

Furthermore, education technology is on its beginning stage. The level of development is not comprehensive yet across the nation. There’s not a professional or unified training system for the teachers. If the teachers do not have appropriate and professional training beforehand, they are not gonna take it seriously. On the other hand, even the teachers do apply education technology in the classroom, how can they ensure the students are receiving an effective teaching from technology? How effective can the teachers apply the technology in order for the students to better achieve academic excellence? These questions above are all about the professionalism of the training.

Last but not least, I am also one of the followers of Tom Vander Ark (@tvanderark) on Twitter. He is the CEO of Getting Smart, a learning design firm. He writes weekly education blogs on  Vander Ark on Innovation, and on By looking at his blogs or twitter, I am very impressed by how he makes education interesting or energetic. From this perspective, learning has many possibilities besides the regular learning basis. I am excited for his passion and he actually effectively apply the technology on students. Also, the hashtag  on Twitter also provides me a sight of motivation in education. I believe it’s important for teachers to think about what they really want to deliver to their students.



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