5th Genius Hour post

This week, I found an awesome website freetech4teachers as resources for teachers to use. The website provides many creative way for applying education technology. It also includes other links related to technology in school.It is a super useful and practical website. There’s one post I am really impressed. Richard Byrne, the author of the website, wrote … More 5th Genius Hour post

4th Genius Hour post

So I talked to my dad about my topic. My dad graduated from Georgia state University with a master degree in computer science. Now he works at UGA as a technician support. So basically he’s a “tech” person. He’s really impressed that education technology actually becomes more popular and useful. Even though he majored in computer … More 4th Genius Hour post

Genius Hour Post 3

As I expected, I didn’t find much useful information on the professional role of teacher itself. At first, I was more focused on how the teachers feel about education technology because I found out a lot of teachers refused to use technology. I wanted to know how can we ensure the teachers professionally deliver information … More Genius Hour Post 3

Genius Hour post 2

So far I don’t think any classmate has similar topic as mine. They are more focused on students themselves instead of teachers. I guess something in common with other classmates is that we are all trying to find ways to can help students to learn better. There are student focusing on how educational technology like 3D … More Genius Hour post 2

Genius Hour topic

The topic i would like to explore is that what are the ways to ensure the quality and professionalism of teachers to deliver education technology in K-12 classrooms. Since educational technology is still a new advancement in the k-12 school system. Parents, students, and even teachers are still learning to adapt to this new era. When I was searching the … More Genius Hour topic